Direct Nutrition Announce End of Team Raleigh Sponsorship.

Direct Nutrition Announce End of Team Raleigh Sponsorship.

Posted on December 28, 2015 by Ross McManus | 0 comments

At the end of 2015, the sponsorship of Team Raleigh by Direct Nutrition comes to an amicable end. 

Jo Evans of Direct Nutrition stated "We are pleased with the year we have had with Team Raleigh.  The team has done extremely well again against fierce competition and we are proud of our association.  We wanted to make a point that we were partnering with the longest established cycling brands - with a fantastic history - as one of the longest established Nutrition companies with products we have trialled over almost 20 years in the industry.  Having made this point, we really want to sponsor other sports and widen our sponsored athlete programme into all fields including Body-building, Triathlon, Rugby, football as well as cycling."

"We continue to focus on a key range of supplements to compliment any athletes or dieter's nutrition programme.  Goo Nutrition is Good Nutrition whatever level you are at and we provide the best and most innovative supplement range available today."

We wish Team Raleigh a good year with their new Nutritional Partners. 

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