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Affiliate Information

We took a long hard look at every other brand on the market and how they look after their athletes. Most of them just provide a discount or a free shaker bottle and a t-shirt of some description. We look to do things a little differently here at Direct Nutrition.

We’ve decided to put some money back in your pocket, after all the sports you’re involved in are costly enough without having to shell out constantly for product, new year, training etc etc.

All it takes is a few moments of your time to set up, then you’re ready to roll.

Step 1:

Step 2: Sign up for an account (fill in all of the details and then link your PayPal account so we can pay you automatically). You will automatically be setup on the base package, we will bump you up to the Athlete package as soon as you’re signed up.

Step 3: You will see this page below (You will still be on the Direct Nutrition site, you can open this in a new window if you wish, just head over here:

You can see below that there is a unique referral code (the yellow box) that has been generated, this is specific to you. If you send someone to the site and they purchase a product and they DON’T use your code, there is no way we can track their sale and reward you with the referral fee.

We also ask that you let us know what your Twitter / Instagram handles are (if applicable) so we can support your efforts in social exposure, regardless of what sport and discipline you’re involved with.

Step 4: You are required to enter your PayPal account details, so we’re able to pay you.

You’ll be able to see all of the referral traffic you send to the site, if for any reason (not likely) your referral fees aren’t cleared, you can send a report to us and we will investigate.

Let’s take a look at a scenario, if John sells to a few of his friends:

John makes £465 extra just by talking about the product and asking his friends to follow his link. The more John talks about the product the more he can earn. The average order that we’re processing through the website is currently £50.00, which translates to £5.00 per order. Of course, we review the activities that come through, we will review the accounts every month, the highest earners will be taken up to the 15% reward mark which takes the same effort reward up to £697.50. (See below)